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Worlds: Junior Men & Women Elite Roadraces LIVE

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Richmond 129.8 km

This might be the best day of the championships by far. Juniors race in the morning (no TV coverage) and then we have the women's race which may turn out to be a doozy on this course. Weather is sort of gloomy and odds are for rain at least part of the day. The punchy three-hill finale looks just perfectly balanced to make for a good women's race too.

Confederate Heroes of the Day : Stan Dewulf & Lizzie Armitstead

There are literally a hundred ways this race could play out but I can't get around the fact that Lizzie has looked like No 1 all year. That Governor street hill just before the finish could be what separates her from the rest today. It could be golden for sprinters like D'Hoore and Bronzini too and with all the climbing short and sharp this may be the best shot at gold that Emma Johansson has ever had. And then there's that French girl......

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