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The Mysterious Movistar Motorbike

First off: my apologies if this has been discussed before. I'm so behind on cycling news I've only just found out Degs won Paris-Roubaix. Man, that was some race.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Anyway. La Gazzetta dello Sport has turned up a video that shows a Movi teamcar during stage 9 of the Vuelta. Teamleader José Luis Arrieta jumps out of the car, takes a bike from the middle of the roof of the car, hands it to a mechanic and - apparently - yells "hide the bike so no one can find it". Quel cambio bici sospetto!

For the record - Movi says the bike had to go cause it was broken.

The Video.

ps - if we have discussed this before, I suggest we move on to geology and/or hottitude.