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GP Sven Nys LIVE!

It's Sven's own race to start the new year.

After the saunter around a "dangerous" non-muddy Loenhout won by Tom Meeusen, Van der Poel and Van Aert will be looking to get back to winning ways. First though, there are some kit changes.

Sunweb (Now Marlux) are now blue:

And Vastgoedservice are now sponsored by Crelan (Sven's sponsors), and have gone green and orange. It's delightfully horrifying.

As for the race, it's held every New Year's Day, and Nys has won it twelve times. This year, the sun is out, and the conditions look a little slippery.


Baal Map

BPost Bank Standings

Conor's Picks to Win

Van der Poel's not riding, giving Van Aert an opportunity. When the cat's away...after all.

Sanne Cant looks the best placed to win the women's race.