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Techs-Mechs: Cambium C13... This is Your Brooks Saddle On Racing

Brooks Saddles has been a number of things to a number of people over the decades, particularly of late to the hard-core, long-distance and high-style crowds that like the look and feel of their signature classic leather saddles. So it's a bit of a news item that, today, the British company announced the release of an addition to its Cambium line, the C13. And it's MADE OUT OF CARBON.

Brooks Cambium C13 side

Brooks has dubbed this new turn of events "back on the rivet," a turn of phrase that needs no introduction around here, but sounds a little cooler coming from a company that still makes saddles with actual rivets. Brooks certainly isn't turning away from the signature saddles they've made for lo these 134 years, and all the comfort they bring to backsides everywhere, but adding to the more modernized Cambium line with a saddle that shaves 150 grams off the weight and enables you to slam your bike comfortably over the pave is certainly a new twist. They want to appeal to racers or people intent on going fast. Don't believe me? Ask David Millar.

I hope to have a Cambium C13 in for testing shortly. Will let you know how it checks out. Either way, this is a pretty intriguing development. I've been scoping out Brooks saddles for a year, trying to match one of their classic models to my CX bike for longer spring rides. Now that they've shaved the weight down so low, 250 grams, I'm in. I suspect that I'm not unique in thinking that I didn't want a 400g saddle on my titanium racer, no matter how comfortable and attractive. Problem solved.