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Flemish cycling news of a miscellanous nature

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, all topped with generous amount of mayo and accompanied by a good beer. Schol!

That is actually a picture of Nick Nuyens at GP Jef Scherens. Now isn't that topical?
That is actually a picture of Nick Nuyens at GP Jef Scherens. Now isn't that topical?

A little bit of live tv

Nick Nuyens may be off the bike, but he's not far from it. His new company Pro Cycling Events has come up with a new cycling series. The Napoleon Games Cycling Cup - yes, the cx sponsor - has ten legs and will be shown live on rtbf and Flemish commercial channel VTM. The winner will be decided in Handzame Classic (18/03), Heistse Pijl (4/06), Halle-Ingooigem (22/06), Dwars door het Hageland (5/08), GP Jef 'Poeske' Scherens (21/08), Koolskamp (16/09), Eurométropole (2/10), Binche-Chimay-Binche (4/10) and Sluitingsprijs Putte-Kapellen (11/10). Not the big races, but fun ones for sure.

A little bit of a legend

Sven Nys may soon be off the bike, but we won't miss him for long. This season he'll be co-commenting with Renaat Schotte, for the Tours of Belgium and Romandie among others. For the Brussels Cycling Classic Nys will be sitting next to Wuyts.

A little bit of a selection

Belgium has made its choice for the cx worlds, and it has picked some young-uns. Tom Meeusen, Sven Nys, Kevin Pauwels, Laurens Sweeck, Wout van Aert, Michael Vanthourenhout. If Wout van Aert wins the world cup and Belgium thus gets to send an extra, then that spot will go to Tim Merlier. Biggest absentee: KVT. But he's actually ok with that. "Makes sense, I was nowhere near good enough this season."

A little bit of fruitiness

And just in case you haven't seen in yet, I present to you the best jerseys of 2016, courtesy of fruit and veg company Cibel. I can't wait til we have frites jerseys.