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Putting on the Glitz... Sagan Style!

It’s not just about rainbows

Sagan at 2016 UCI gala
Bryn Lennon, Getty Images Sport

Huh. So when you win two world titles, you can take your fashion sense out for a drive, anywhere you want. So says Peter Sagan, and the UCI Gala — whatever that is (I really don’t care) — was as good a venue as any.

Sagan at the Gala
Bryn Lennon, Getty Images Sport

Ok... let’s start. First, I’m at a loss as to what to call this. European gentleman pimp? Willy Wonka Chic? Whatever it is, it’s fantastic, but I do have some questions...

  1. What the hell is he carrying in his hand?
Sagan’s cane
Bryn Lennon, Getty Images Sport

Something he borrowed from a 1930s coal magnate who he met at the Tour of Silesia? Anyway it’s pretty boss. But I have another more pressing question...

2. What the hell is he wearing on his feet?

Sagan’s shoes
Bryn Lennon, Getty Images Sport

I think both the shoes and socks just speak for themselves. It’s something that his suit and hat are arguably only the third and fourth most mind-arresting fashion choices on display in Abu Dhabi. I’d totally wear the suit — somewhere, not sure where. I don’t have the hair to pull off the hat.

Somehow my Getty feed doesn’t include his wife’s dress, but you can see it here. No idea what the tigers are about besides “I’m with Sagan so I can wear tigers any time I want.” Love it.

And really, it’s stuff like this, seemingly unrelated to cycling, that makes him such a great world champion. Let’s face it, we need more fun in this sport. That it comes from a guy who continues to accomplish so incredibly much on the bike helps. A Matti Breschel fashion attack wouldn’t have quite the same impact. That he’s young and looks good also helps. Tom Boonen stepping out might prompt questions like “dude, how are you going to explain the jeweled cane to your daughters?” So yeah, Sagan is ideally positioned to pull this off. But like I said, cycling has so many depressing story lines coming at us in a constant barrage that something like this is just straight up healthy. Like, not only is it a fun distraction but it shows that the riders themselves can be secretly very happy people. I want that to be the case.

So Pete, I celebrate you, your blingy shoes, your whatever that is cane, your awesome suit, and your wife’s amazing... thing with tigers on it. Rooting for you next year is not going to be a problem at all.