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Holiday Hints: Podium Cafe Specials!

Shop for your Cafe-ster with us!

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PdC Mondrian Jersey

Don’t worry, the next month will mostly be dedicated to actual cycling coverage. Winter is loads of fun for us Editors, a time when we can write whatever we feel like, unencumbered by quickly developing, factual matters. But it’s also the holiday shopping time, and it’d be silly not to mention, once again, our two feature items.

Our Kit!

Last spring we unveiled our new Mondrian-inspired Podium Cafe kit, to much acclaim! [Insert light applause.] It’s the latest in wonderful works made for us by our own Veloki, and it sold like hotcakes as we did a full-on, team-style kit order, with lots of pieces of clothing for lots of people around the world.

Want to see what the kit and the people wearing it look like? Here’s one of the more fun threads of 2016.

If you missed out then, I said not to worry, and followed through on the promose that we would have our own storefront at Voler where you can buy our newly re-designed, thoroughly awesome tops and bottoms. The good news? It’s still there! Eventually Voler will take it down, but it’s still open. You can order a couple options of tops and bottoms, and they will print and ship your order, even if it’s a mere one piece. It takes about two weeks from start to finish, so if you want to buy anything for yourself or as a gift to someone, I wouldn’t wait too long.

[We don’t see a dime of any kit orders, BTW. This is strictly for the benefit of anyone who wants to look better in lycra than they already do.]

For the Love of the Cobbles Cover

My Book!

I mentioned this recently, and it came as a bit of a surprise to some that I’d written a book on the cobbles. That’s because I put it out in the tail end of Cobbles Season and then decided that once the big cobble was given away in Roubaix, people wouldn’t want to discuss it much. But with the holidays looming and another cobbles season not too far beyond that, I’ll mention it a couple more times for the benefit of those who hadn’t seen it before. Here too I don’t want to sound like I’m raising money; my return on each sale is somewhere along the lines of a nice glass of craft beer. But! You guys were my target audience, and it’d be silly of me to leave my target audience unaware of a book they might actually want to read, or foist over on a Secret Santa victim or something.

Here’s a link to both the e-pub and print versions via the publisher Lulu Press. Or, if it’s easier, just get it from Amazon. Tomorrow I will publish an excerpt from the book. The week after that... a giveaway contest!