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Superprestige Spa Francorchamps... Thru Patrick’s Lens!

Our man Patrick Verhoest spends half a day in his car... so you can see this beautiful race

Patrick Verhoest

Saturday was the main event for the weekend’s Cyclocross events, with the Superprestige Spa round. And it was worth the trouble for our man Patrick Verhoest, as Belgium’s Wout Van Aert mildly upset Dutch co-star Mathieu van der Poel to take the race with some brilliant footwork on the fearsome run-up at the F1 course outside the city of Spa. World Champion Van Aert made van der Poel hurt a bit more each time they went up that danged thing, and van der Poel uncharacteristically ceded additional time as the race went on, giving Van Aert the clear win.

In the Women’s bracket, it was another slight upset, again by a World Champion, as Thalita de Jongh got back a measure of respect from Sanne Cant, the Belgian champion who has otherwise dominated the Superprestige competition. As with the men, de Jongh made her point on the wall, fending off Cant on the final lap.