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Contest! Win My Book... Now!

Just answer me these questions (three)

For the Love of the Cobbles Cover

OK, here’s the deal. I have three paperback copies of my book, For the Love of the Cobbles, to give away this morning to whomever can answer this one vaguely-three-part question, below. I will take the first two correct answers here in comments, and the first (one) TWO correct answers on Twitter (@podiumcafe). One here, two on Twitter. Because once one answer is correct here, people can just copy it. So yeah, if you have it and someone has already answered correctly, send it to @podiumcafe. [Limit one per person, obvy.] Whoever gets the entire answer right in three parts gets the prize. Ready?? Here ya go:

The Question!

This year both Peter Sagan and Lizzie Armitstead crossed the line in first place at the Tour of Flanders while wearing the Rainbow Jersey of World Champion, the first time it has ever happened in both the men’s and women’s events and the first time since 2006 (Tom Boonen) that a world champion has won de Ronde van Vlaanderen. So...

Name the three other riders to win the Tour of Flanders while wearing the Rainbow Jersey. GO!


To read a sample of my book and see what you will have already missed out on by the time you’re done doing so... go here.

Winners: Paperback copies on offer, but can be swapped for e-books on request.