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LAST CALL!! PdC Kit Orders Due This Weekend!

Deadline is February 14... Help us make minimums!

Hi guys -- remember when we were all excited about the new kit? And a whole lot of folks said they were in? That means you! And the time to order your incredibly gorgeous Podium Cafe Mondrian-style kit is now! Deadline is February 14, after which we will have only minimal options.

Go here to get started! [Though you should read on, especially if you are outside North America.]

The background: We floated the idea of a new clothing run this year, since it had been a while, and our own wonderful Veloki designed what you see above. Then we contacted Voler, who not only manufacture very high quality gear but have an ordering service for doing "team runs" like this, which means you can go in and place your own order without involving me. A few notes.

  • Are you seeing this for the first time? Well good news: this is a "team order" without the literal presence of a team! Get high-quality stuff for prices that are level with or cheaper than the mediocre off the rack stuff at your local shop! Get lots of options too! Everyone is welcome; I have no interest in limiting who wears our label, so please feel free to join in the order.
  • Are you overseas? No problem, but Voler doesn't ship outside North America. For that you have to click "Ship to coordinator" at the end of your order. It will go to me and I will ship it to you. [There has already been discussion of grouping shipments to save cost. UK for sure. France maybe as well.]
  • Are you into variety? There are SOOO many options in there. The accessories will be black with our signature \o/ logo in orange. The rest of it should conform to the new design. For a more detailed discussion of each option, e.g. material choices, see the original post here.
  • Don't forget sizing! See the sizing chart here.
  • Clothing will ship in early-mid April!
Any questions? Email me or discuss in comments. Cheers!