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Kit Order Is Complete!!

And there was much rejoicing...

Hi all, just a note to let you know that our kit order has closed. We made minimums for all categories, so your orders will be filled as you submitted them! Look for stuff in North America to arrive about the second week of April. For international orders, that's when I will receive yours and turn them around to you, so add a week or two there (I have a vacation happening around that time). That's today's most important message. A couple other things:

  • If you did not submit an order but want to someday, or if you made an order and want more or replacements, we will soon launch our permanent store where you can buy the basic jersey and bib shorts, one piece at a time, without coordinating with me. It won't consist of the options from our current order, just the two basic pieces, though even those are good quality by your local club standard. I'll let ya know when that becomes available.
  • International peeps, I will contact you by email for some coordination of shipments. If it can be done, great. If not, then I'll work with you directly to get things shipped to you.
Thanks for taking part, and I can't wait for us all to look incredibly amazing this spring!