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A Nys farewell: Sluitingsprijs Oostmalle LIVE

With Omloop and the real roadseason less than a week away we really ought not pay attention to cyclocross but this is worth making an exception for. After a 20 year career the legend Sven Nys is racing his final CX race.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

It is something of a Merckxian epoque that comes to an end today. If wikipedia is to be trusted these are the results Nys managed to cobble together in his career:

- U23 World Champion twice

- World Champion twice

- Belgian Champion Nine times

- World Cup Overall: Six wins  (50 races)

- Superprestige Overall: Thirteen wins (55 races)

- bPost Bank(Gazet van Antwerpen) Trophy Overall: Nine wins (42 races)

I'd call that at least decent, I mean it looks like he was at least trying a little bit. From now on we will have to get used to not seeing him dominating the muddy winter courses but instead on the sidelines as manager of the Telenet-Fidea team.

Goodbye Sven and thanks for all the hulking!