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Get Your FSA DS Teams In NOW! [Deadline Friday]

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images


First reminder of the week... we are headed down the home stretch, and here is my annual reminder that there is no longer any reason to wait on submitting your... WAIT! I see the French have scrambled our usual plans. Normally I would tell you to submit your teams because racing has quieted down after the Ruta del Sol and Oman, so you no longer have to worry about submitting your roster and a person on it getting hurt. At least not while there is time to swap him out.

Now, however, the brand-spankin-new Tour de la Provence cuts the ribbon tomorrow, and since everyone seems to want to spend winter racing non-stop, the startlist is pretty loaded. Check it here!

So my message to you is this:

  • The submission deadline looms. Reminder: it's Midnight Saturday CET, which is Friday at some time or another for everyone west of Europe. Or Saturday morning in Australia.
  • As packed as the startlist for the Tour Provence may be, chances are most of your riders aren't on it. So if you are ready to submit, ignore the race and turn in your team.
  • If you do have riders from that race, feel free to submit now anyway. On the off-off chance they get injured, contact me to unsubmit and make a substitution.
  • As for your women's team, there are no races on the calendar between now and the deadline, so definitely lock that down. Reminder: every player can do a men's team or a women's team, or one of each. More is better!

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