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Omloop Het Nieuwsblad LIVE

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Gent - Gent 200 km

Every year this post is as much of a pleasure to put up. Opening day of the spring classics and great expectation of things to come. Sunny but cold seems to be the weather of the day so no brutal intro to Flanders for the peloton this year.

The women are racing their Omloop at the same time in secret but there is bound to be some updates trickling out. Lizzie Armitstead will be airing her rainbows and it wouldn't be a bad start of the season to see her displaying it in the finale in Gent.

Het Volkhero of the Day: Philippe Gilbert

Gilbert last won the race in 2008 and this marks the ten year anniversary of his first win in 2006. Hasn't focused much on the race in the time since but today is the day again, I can feel it in my "giant Kristoff-in-the-room" ignoring bones.

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