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Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne LIVE

Kuurne - Kuurne 200.7 km

The Omloop's less glamorous little cousin. The day after when sprinters get a fair chance to participate in the opening weekend festivities. And also a chance for Etixx-Quickstep to make up for any cock-ups on Saturday.

Oh and don't let the profile above fool you, with the Kuurne laps there are 50 kms from the last helling, the Nokereberg, to the finish.

Doninating Donkey of the Day: Alexander Kristoff

All the teams are pulling their top sprinters out of hiding for this. While 3/4 of the peloton were racing Omloop guys like Bouhanni, Bennett, Viviani and everyones FSA DS darling Caleb Ewan were home on the couch sipping espressos and preparing exclusively for today. And they are still going to get their asses kicked by Kristoff and his Red Army.

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