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Now That You're In, Make an FSA DS Private League!

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All signed up? Now you can compete against your friends.

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Well it was a blistering start to the FSA Directeur Sportif this weekend, and by blistering I mean I have blisters from being burned so badly on practically all my choices. I crawled out of last place in the Editors' League, thanks to the exciting 1-2 tandem of Diego Ulissi (yay!) and Damiano Cunego (yay?). The Jimbo Line is currently in a three-way tie for 76th, which is to say that more than 800 teams, including mine, officially suck. And my women's team is a collective donut. And I don't really like donuts (more of a croissant or scone man myself).


But enough about me. How are you doing? Or more to the point, how much do you want to get one over on your FSA DS-playing friends? A lot? Then follow me...

Creating Your Own Private Sub League

Here's that function I hadn't really mentioned during the team submission period, since it doesn't go into effect until after the deadline: using the game site to create a league within the league, consisting of whoever you want. Sure, you may be friends with all 1200 players, but if you aren't, another way to measure yourself would be against a small group of people of your choosing. Just click on the 'MY TEAM" tab and scroll to the bottom, where you will see "Your Own Private Sub League." You needn't do anything to get started, just begin searching for teams to add by user ID or team name. Click the green + sign and presto! A few points:

  • When you add a team or teams, that display is on your page only, and doesn't do anything to the person whose team you added. They can return the favor by adding you to their private sub league, or not.
  • Adding someone also doesn't give you any power over them whatsoever, or vice versa. They won't know you added them unless you tell them. You won't likely know how many people added you to their league, unless you talk to them all. Really, the private sub league is just names of teams and scores, compared to yours.
  • So that's what it doesn't do. What it DOES do is give you a way to collect a group of friends and compete against each other. By having their teams handy you can not only see their collective score, you can click on their team and see what riders you have to reckon with. If they're beating you on the strength of a bunch of previously unheralded Danish teenagers, well, now you know something about Danish teenagers. Learning can be fun!
  • It can also be used as the basis for gambling. Or could, if gambling were legal. Which it definitely is not.
I know a lot of you are already doing this. I always have a league, and it helps me know whether I should take calls from my brother or not. I gather there is a pretty feisty competition at FSA, our sponsor, using the private league function. You can play to, so have at it. And stop lording it over your mates that you have Jasper Stuyven. Chances are, so do they.