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Tour de Yorkshire Stage 2 + Womens TDY LIVE

Bonus race in Yorkshire today. The womens race will be broadcast on UK TV , both ITV and Eurosport so there should be feeds about.

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Otley - Doncaster 136.5 km

Another case of "ignore the profile,see what happens" day. Today with the women's one-day Tour de Yorkshire early in the day as added bonus. Decent startlist, tough parcourse and a big prize pot for the women but best of all: live coverage. The women race the same 136 km route and it should be brilliant.

Flat caps of the day: Nicholas Roche & Rosella Ratto

Another day of wild gambling, aka pulling names out of the flat cap. Ratto is due a return to the big results and I wonder hot Armitstead is for this? It's home field for her but formwise she is in a building period. Roche is just "random Sky dude who could do well"

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