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Umm... I Wrote a Book About the Cobbled Classics

Yours truly finally finishes the book he's been working on. And working on.

Chris Fontecchio

Hi all,

Today I completed my book on the Cobbled Classics, For the Love of the Cobbles. It is, in brief, an exploration of the races most of us know and love, viewed up close as fans, from the saddle, and with a deep dive into their nature, history, and what makes them all so great. It's an expression of my appreciation for these races and the people of Belgium and France who wrought them, based in some part on a trip there in 2010.

For the Love of the Cobbles Cover

So far, the books are published by me, via Lulu, in both paper format and as an eBook. Before long, you will apparently be able to find the eBook on Amazon,

Buy the print book here!

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Buy the eBook here!

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

I'm happy to answer some questions about the book, if you have any. Actually, now that it's done, I'm feeling a bit sheepish about talking about the thing. If you think you might be interested, I encourage you to get a copy. And if it's not that great, I'm sure there's a way to line your virtual birdcage with the eBook version.

If you do order, and have any problems, I will try to help, but I'm actually not all that familiar with Lulu. However, I did order and receive an eBook version, and that was a piece of cake. Thanks for your support!