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Kittel Edges Out Cavendish

Marcel Kittel won his fourth Scheldeprijs, beating out Cavendish by bare centimetres. (Conor with the threadjack!)


Cavendish wasn't exactly politically correct in his post-race interview after being squeezed out by barely more than a tyre-length, but it was a well-won race by Etixx, sweeping to the front with three kilometres to go, and delivering Kittel to the win.

1. GER Marcel Kittel EQS
2. GBR Mark Cavendish DDD "
3. GER Andre Greipel LTS "
4. BEL Edward Theuns TFS "
5. ITA Niccolo Bonifazio TFS "
6. NED Danny van Poppel SKY "
7. GER Nikias Arndt TGA "
8. NED Wouter Wippert CAN "
9. NED Dylan Groenewegen LTJ "
10. GBR Daniel McLay FVC "

Antwerpen - Schoten 208 km

Time for a sprinters interlude  to keep us busy while we wait for the pavé. Can't have us getting desperate enough to watch stageracing during the cobbles weeks.

Apparently the race has a slightly altered finale to spread out the peloton and help avoid crashes but two extra 90 degree turns? Is that really going to help? Hopefully the course designers are smarter than me and have thought this through.

Wannabe cobbler of the Day: Alexander Kristoff

I don't actually think he can beat Kittel today but I don't have the heart to jinx poor Eitxx anymore. I have a heart you know. Kristoff otoh? Meh, Norwegian.

Also there is a very good chance Katusha are actually stronger today as a team.

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