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Podium Cafe in L.A.: Inside the Golden Saddle Cyclery

Peek inside Phinney's favorite LBS in LA

Ryan Siu @inthery

When Taylor Phinney is in Los Angeles with his bike, his place to get the gear in order is the Golden Saddle Cyclery. Just a random bike shop? Exactly what kind of shop would a guy like Taylor take his bike to, anyway? Exactly this kind.

Take a look inside. It's not just a place with mechanics he trusts. It's got that little something extra that undoubtedly appeals to his artistic eye.

Taylor Phinney arrival

Golden Saddle

Golden Saddle flag

Golden Saddle pinball

Golden saddle mechanics

LA 84 poster Ryan Siu @inthery

Golden saddle cap jar

Golden Saddle sink

Golden saddle proprietor

Bike ready