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Giro d'Italia Stage 8 LIVE

st 8 profile

Foligno - Arezzo 186 km

Less than 200 kms? Unpossible. Looks like a straightforward day with a very fun and challenging finale The riders tackle the Cat 2 Alpe di Poti with 6,4 of its 10 kms on gravel before descending into the finish in Arezzo. As a bonus the last kilometer has a bit of a (gentle) uphill kick

Tuscan raider of the day: Tim Wellens

I'm not crazy enough to bet against Lotto-Soudal right now, are you? And Wellens has expressly said he'll go for it. I think we will see two races today sadly, one among the breakaway and some smaller skirmishes among the GC riders behind.

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