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Giro Rest Day Open Thread: First week heroes


As we speak, soigneurs are preparing the riders for a grueling day at the Giro.....

The Newly Refurbished Charles Dickens Museum Prepares To Open Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Grand Tour restdays, the time honored tradition where riders usually get fairly little rest. Between transfers, press conferences, recovery rides and worrying about how the day off will make their legs turn to jelly on the day after, there really isn't that much rest to be had. But it is a day without eating energy bars and having some hungover DS yelling "GET TO THE FRONT!" in your ear so it probably makes for a nice change anyway.

With a week+ in the books we now have some idea how this Giro will end up and we have a few standout riders. Who is your rider of the Giro so far? Is it:

- Marcel Kittel, Unbeatable SuperSprinter Extraordinario. (as long as the course isn't too hard and things really go his way) The guy who looked like he would totally dominate week one until we got to Italy and his superpowers evaporated.

- André Greipel. SuperSprinter Extraordinario (as long as Kittel is too weeny to make it to the last kilometer). With two fighter's wins he suddenly looked every bit as impressive as Kittel. How will they compare come July?

- Tom Dumoulin, Hometown hero. How quickly things can turn from everything going your way to everything going against you. He came here wanting to win timetrials, got Pink and looked like a podium contender. Then it all went sour and Pluvius laid waste to his plans of winning the long timetrial. Still it has been a triumphant start to the GTs for Giant.

- Gianluca Brambilla, Perfect Italian hero. Nothing raises the mood at the Giro as some solid Italian success and Brambilla was just what the race needed. An eternally strong helper who caps a strong season with two brilliant performances to take and then hold on the the Maglia Rosa. And don't discount him for the rest of the Giro either. He may not manage the highest mountains but he will not go down without a fight for sure.

- Primoz Roglic, The unluckiest luckiest super-breakthrough guy in the whole race. If you hadn't heard of the skijumping supercyclist before you sure have now. All eyes will be on what he does next in this Giro.

Next up some middle-ish stages before things turn really nasty on Friday as the race reaches Friuli and some sweet looking climbs. And after that: Dolomites, baby!