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Giro Rest day: Open Thread

We have reached the third (slackers) rest day and the weekend has certainly turned what we thought we knew about this Giro on its head. The heavy favorites are on their knees and the outsiders are looking golden. Will it last through the grueling final week?

Valverde had nothing when things got heated on the climb to Passo Valparola, Nibali had something but not enough to dampen the enthusiasm of Esteban Chaves and Steven Kruijswijk.

Guys like Majka, Zakarin and Uran suddenly looked like the likely fifth place finishers we all thought they were, not bad but not with the best. And one timetrial later we have Kruijswijk firmly in the driver's seat. Eight minutes separate 1st and 10th place with these four challenges left in the race:

giro st 16

Stage 16 after the rest day with the Passo Mendola as the butcher's block for those who suffer from bad after-rest-day-legs. No doubt Astana will start their onslaught here.

giro st 18

Stage 18 with the tricky Pramartino approach to Pinerolo that we have seen in the Giro and Tour before. Nothing decisive but prime real estate for little jabs and sneak attacks.

giro st 19

Stage 19 with the Agnello, this year's Cima Coppi. No hiding on a day like this.

giro st 20

Stage 20 celebrates the old GT tradition of saving the worst for last. Bonette and the magnificent looking Colle della Lombarda. There is no way anything is decided before this stage. No one can feel safe on a stage like this.

Top 10 after Stage 15

2. CHAVES RUBIO Johan Esteban OGE 00:02:12
3. NIBALI Vincenzo AST 00:02:51
4. VALVERDE BELMONTE Alejandro MOV 00:03:29
5. MAJKA Rafal TNK 00:04:38
6. ZAKARIN Ilnur KAT 00:04:40
8. JUNGELS Bob EQS 00:07:14
9. SIUTSOU Kanstantsin DDD 00:07:37
10. FUGLSANG Jakob AST 00:07:55

So with all this in mind, who is your bet to win ?