Giro stages 2 and 3, the view from Arnhem

For days 2 and 3, the race has come to us (we've been in Arnhem this week to visit with Pieter's father.)

Day 2 (Arnhem video):

Giro day 2 pre-race and race moment (youtube link)

pre-race experience and race going into action (a break already formed ~50m from end of neutral zone).

Day 2, Arnhem pix:

The team buses and sign-in were a short stroll away...



young and old were enthusiastic, especially for Jumbo NL...

Lotto Jumbo NL

the biggest crowd


starting young

Rider fan clubs in evidence, some with their own bus (no picture) others with banners

Nizzolo has a posse

Nizzolo's posse (they walked about in formation!)

Day 3:

We'd noodled about the (approximate) day 3 finishing circuit a few days ago, and picked out a pretty spot…



Day 3: enter and circuits (youtube link)

towards the top of the hill, you can see the circuit entrance on the horizon, as well as the circuits themselves

Day 3 alt view (youtube link)

the view from the leaf litter

(most of) the break


3 of 4, 1st circuit

Colorful stragglers, 1st circuit


chugging along