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Hey Y'all: You Can Still Buy Our Kits (and a book)!

We are reopening our print-on-demand Kit Store!

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Hey all, remember a couple months ago when people were writing in about how much they loved their new, amazing-looking Podium Cafe kit and associated apparel and how much you wanted in, or back in for more? Or maybe you are hearing about this for the first time. Well, good news...

Voler opened up our print-on-demand store, where you can buy tops, bibs and shorts whenever you like! No minimums, if you order it, they'll make it and send it your way. Here's what's inside:

Race jersey:

PdC Mondrian Jersey


PdC Mondrian Bibs

Non-bib Shorts:

PdC Mondrian shorts

Prices are $79-89, depending on which item. Some notables!

  • Designed by Veloki, long-time Podium Cafe member and designer/artist par excellence!
  • All our clothing comes with a choice of men's or women's sizing. Yes, it's the 21st century.
  • Shipping in the USA is free over $75, so yeah, shipping is free.
  • If you live outside the US and are interested, contact me directly and I will work with you to set up a purchase. You might have to pay shipping where I get the items and send them to you myself.
  • These are the only items available. Next time we do a full custom order there will be lots of accessories and choices again, but for the print-on-demand store they only do limited items.
  • The store will remain open until Voler closes it. Could be six months, a year, or more. I'm sure they'll give me a heads-up before doing so, and I'll pass on that info at that time. But anyway, it's open now with no particular deadline.

Oh, and if you are looking for some light summer reading, may I suggest a certain book you can get on Amazon? Or from Lulu? Yep, it's my first and probably last book, For the Love of the Cobbles.

For the Love of the Cobbles Cover

You could do worse, right? I mean, as summer reading goes? OK enough plugs. Carry on!