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Quintana Grabs Moto, Keeps Polemica Train Rolling

Yet more controversy at the Tour de France...

Le Tour de France 2016 - Stage Twelve Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

An interesting bit of footage has come to light. Here it is, courtesy of @assekevin on Twitter.

That shows Quintana, in the group, holding onto the Mavic neutral service motorbike. This went totally unnoticed by the commissaires and anyone else until surfacing this morning. The UCI regulation is unambiguous about this issue, it simply states thata rider holding onto any motor vehicle must be eliminated and pay 200 Swiss Francs.

There are people saying that Quintana was justified in doing it, and that he would have had to put his foot down to the ground otherwise, but if you look at the other members in his group, they seem to be managing okay.

Can Quintana be disqualified so late after the incident? The UCI have called force majeure on this incident for one rider already, will they do it for a second?

Nobody except, well, Jasper Stuyven, has commented on this incident yet, and I'll add it when they do.

Again, your opinion (and any leftover limericks if necessary) is required!