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FSA-DS: The Stretch Run Beckons

This is fun-or awful depending on where you stand in the FSA-DS standings. Here's the top 10 from May 1st. DS name is first, followed by the team name and their score right before the Giro started, or after the Spring Classics season:

  1. rubesANdbabes- "Floris Gerts"  7339

  2. Oaktown Oaks "Diablo Swans2...." 7175

  3. TH WHISTLER "Riding With Bigger Knobs" 7013

  4. manonde01 "Sam Dumolin Farewell Tour" 6898

  5. Jan Ulrich "Mike Team" 6892

  6. Manuel8 "KabindaPower-Windmill International-Macaco & Amigos LD..." 6886

  7. LosBrolin "full retardos" 6841

  8. zabaltza "Zabaltzatarrak" 6774


  10. Romainchimata "Escartinteam" 6620

Nice tight group. Now today's top 10 after the Giro, Tour and a whole lot of stage races:

  1. TH WHISTLER "Riding With Bigger Knobs" 13684

  2. babayLOL"LABEBERANCE MA GUEUELE 2K16" 12986

  3. Mur De Huy "Illes Balears - bala" 12997

  4. Moncassin31 "Pedale" 12771

  5. Mandagger "That's all yolks!" 12726

  6. Manuel8 "KabindaPower-Windmill International-Macaco & Amigos LD..."12557

  7. Jan Ulrich "Mike Team" 12203

  8. Romainchimata "Escartinteam" 12182


  10. SophiesChoice "Merry Christams you Wonderful Old Savings And Loan" 12108

Floris Gerts is now #13. Diablo Swans2... is #16. Sam Dumolin Farewell Tour #34. full retardos- really???  is #55. And Zabaltzatarrak is #14. So there hasn't been a whole lot of turnover at the top.

Now for the stretch run where outside of the Big V, the big E (Eneco) and the Big AD (Abu Dhabi) and four other smallish stage races its all single day races. (I hear they are called "Classics".)

Let's look at the main riders that YOU HAVE TO HAVE IF YOUR TEAM IS GONNA BE ANY GOOD. Let's look at the 32 teams that have passed the 11000 point poll.

  • Peter Sagan. BORING. He's on what 25 of those 32 teams? But, wait! The Fastvakian is NOT on the top two teams! YESSS! IN YOUR FACE YOU TEAMS WITH SAGAN!

  • I am POSITIVE that Ion Izzy is on 17 of the 32. Very respectable: he's not efforting like Sagan. Ion's keeping his cool; people who know things have him.

  • Lui..Spartacus is also on 17 of the top 32.

  • Kristoff, BTW is on just 2 of the 32, but is the double restricted rider that Bigger Knobs has.

  • Groaner is on 19 of the 32.

  • The most popular rider this year, Caleb Ewan who's on 448 teams, is on 21 of the top 32. Jasper Stuyven, the second most popular rider, is also on 21 of the Magnificent 32.

But you know, its not like there's one rider who's a ringer this year, no must have guy. You look at the top 32 and you see riders that are on very few teams. I think one reason for this is that there's no one cheap rider that has some humongous score. Groaner is good but still he cost 4 points, not 1.Not many people picked Chris Froome but the #2 team, babylol did. Knobs has Bardet who is on just 9 of the top 32. GVA has a nice score this year, again (as he should what with him being stupidly talented and being in the prime of his career) but is on NONE of the top 32 teams. Contador is on just 2 of the 32.

Alaphillippe is on no team who's scored over 10,000 yet has already surpassed his score from last year. Its a very even race. And this diversity of the teams means the race is not nearly in focus yet.  Climby guys, sprinters, and everything in between will have several chances to score big and lift teams that seem out of it into the lead. Or Knobs could pull away.  At any rate how are the other leagues going?