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Crescent Vårgårda LIVE


Vårgårda - Vårgårda 141 km

The former World Cup, now Women's World Tour race, in Vårgårda, Sweden will this year be broadcast live on Eurosport. The course which isn't that hilly is usually selective enough to reduce the finale to a small group sprint.

They have tweaked the course further from last year. They now start with four laps of the traditional 11 km lap. After that the riders do a longer lap of 53 km that also contains some gravel sections before returning to Vårgårda for 4 more 11 km laps and the traditional finale.

Västgöte of the Day: Chantal Blaak

She wins everything this year. This time she holds off Amy Pieters and Lotta Lepistö to do it.

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