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Welcome to the PodCafSt! Episode 1

Yup, we are in the podcasting business now. For better or worse.

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Do you like to listen to podcasts? Enjoy people talking and producing a polished and very informative conversation? Well... hopefully this bears some resemblance to that.

Yes, it’s the Official Podcast of the Podium Cafe... The PodCafSt! Conor, Andrew and I kick off our new adventure, discussing whose fortunes are headed up or down in 2017. We also introduce our year-long pseudo-betting challenge, and then kick it off right away, despite one of us maybe not being quite ready for that (and profiting enormously, if a certain stage of a UCI race that just ended is any indication).

This episode is brought to you by the word “um.” [Hey, this is the baseline. Up we go from here!]

If for some reason this isn’t working as an embedded widget, here’s the link.

We hope to do this maybe twice a month, with a few extras for emergencies. Ideally we will have the chance to bring a lot of you guys on the PodCafSt to say hello and chat a bit. So stay tuned!