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PodCafSt #2: The Cyclocross Worlds!

Join Conor and me, plus an appearance by tgsgirl for a discussion of this weekend’s action!

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Aert to the win, Hoogerheide 2014 Patrick Verhoest

Hey, it’s us again! Well, minus Andrew, whom we gave a hall pass to, as Cyclocross isn’t his bag. But Conor and I were able to carry on, and we dragged our Belgian correspondent, tgsgirl, in for a few questions as well. In the name of both discipline and making this a true, short, Emergency Podcast, we kept it to a reasonable length I think. Enjoy!

Linkage to listen on the SoundCloud page here.

Oh, and the bit of music in the background is “De Cross Gaat Door” by TatYana Storm S&D. You can purchase it on iTunes, as I did, to help get in the mood for this weekend. Please do!