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FSA Directeur Sportif: Troubleshooting Time!

Some people have had trouble logging in; others have had trouble making decisions. One of those I can help you with.

Hi all, it’s come to my attention that people have had some difficulty accessing the FSA Directeur Sportif. By all accounts the site is functioning properly, so I want to take a moment to reach out to anyone not able to access the site to help out.

Given that the site is working, I think the problem lies in understanding how the login process works. Like so:

  1. You need to create a login at the Podium Cafe — right here — because the game is for readers and fans of the Cafe. It’s also how we track users for the sole purpose of making sure that nobody has more than one team. The key provision is to put a working email in the “public email” field of your user ID.
  2. But!! The FSA Directeur Sportif is a totally separate website! So... once you are signed up here, with an email in the public email space, you go to the FSA Directeur Sportif site here.
  3. Once you’re on that site, click on “sign up” in the upper right area. That brings you to the login field. Look for the space to enter the User ID you just created at the Podium Cafe:

When you enter your PdC Username, the FSA Directeur Sportif site automatically retrieves your public email address, and if that succeeds, then you enter a team name, hit sign up, and the FSA DS site sends an email to that address with your password.

If you made it this far and didn’t receive a password, there are two options:

  • It got snagged by a spam filter; or
  • Something else went wrong, in which case all you have to do is email me or let any of the other editors know that you’re having a problem. We will manually create your password to get you started, possibly within a few minutes depending on what time of day it is. Contact for game problems is fsadirecteursportif at gmail d0t com.

Does that help? There really shouldn’t be any other issues. Well, except for rider choice issues, and I suggest going to the comments area to discuss those, or reviewing any of Andrew Brown’s articles on buy/sell/hold regarding various categories of riders.

If you don’t like having a public email associated with your Podium Cafe login, well, it is a requirement for creating a team. However, once your team is complete you can go back and remove the public email and make it a private one instead that’s invisible to all but the managers (who will probably never look for it). Next year you’ll have to deal with it again to play the FSA DS, but if you prefer for it not to be there you have the option of still playing the game. We only need to connect your accounts to start you playing the game.

Finally, our deadline is just under two weeks away. You can keep rearranging your team from now until then, but before then YOU MUST HIT SUBMIT. If you submit but change your mind, contact me and I can unsubmit your team so you can keep working. But definitely don’t forget to finish the job. We will send out reminders by email to anyone who hasn’t submitted but has a team ready. OK, carry on!