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Fun With the FSA DS: Random Team Generator!

Want to see random teams assembled? You can now... and even make it your own.

Aru and FSA bars

Feeling flummoxed by your fantasy fixtures? Tracking trepidation with your team tally? Well fret no more, because if you — like millions of fantasy sports players worldwide — can’t make up your mind about your FSA Directeur Sportif squad, we have for you... the random team generator!


Backing up: You should already be hard at work on assembling your FSA Directeur Sportif team, since the deadline is in like 9 days. But each spot on your team is another tough choice, 25 in all, and sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Moreover, there are a couple restrictions on who you can put (e.g. only one rider with a price of 24 points or more) and a total 150-point budget. That’s a lot to process!

So why not just pick a team completely at random? Now you can! Or at least you can generate some random teams that would probably be pretty good and spend all 150 points, so you can get some ideas about how to construct your own.

But!! Before I pass you the link I must warn you... you can generate an endless number of random teams, but if you click on “HIRE THESE RIDERS AS MY FSA DS TEAM” then whatever work you will have done on your team will be replaced with these guys. So yeah, use the random team generator page, and refresh a lot, but don’t click on that text unless you mean it.

OK the links...

FSA DS Men’s Competition Random Team Generator!

FSA DS Women’s Competition Random Team Generator!

Here’s what it looks like:

FSA DS random team generator page

[Actually the little pencils have since been removed.] Remember:

  • Once you click one of these links, you will be looking at a random team for possible use.
  • Don’t like what you see? Or just curious for more? Refresh your page for a whole new version.
  • If you click the HIRE THESE RIDERS text, they will be your proposed team. They will not become submitted, because in all cases you must hit submit before you can play!
  • If you don’t want the whole random team, you can click on the green cross symbol to add them to your otherwise still custom-assembled team! In other words, if you’re halfway through putting your team together and you decide to play with the random generator, and see a few names worth considering, use the add button and they’re on your roster. All your hard work to this point is still there. It only disappears if you click on the HIRE THESE RIDERS text to replace your whole team. Pretty useful!
  • Use the “Men” and “Women” fields in the upper right to toggle between competitions’ random team generators, if you want.

That’s it. Have fun! Let us know in comments if you actually adopt and submit a random team, so that over the course of the year we can compare. And many thanks to SuperTed for his great work on this!