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ZERO MINUTES TO GO. Hope You Finished Your FSA Directeur Sportif Teams

Deadline is Wednesday


Your first SECOND reminder, soon to be a daily occurrence, that the deadline is quickly approaching to submit your FSA Directeur Sportif teams! Details:

  • Not sure what I’m talking about? Go here to get started. Not too late by any means. But it’s a year-long competition so get in before next week’s deadline!
  • Deadline is Midnight CET Feb 23! For people in North/South America, that’s Wednesday afternoon (e.g. 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern...). I’ll send more reminder as we get closer.
  • Remember, one entry per person! You can have both a men’s and women’s team, and we have prizes for the combined winner too. Just don’t try to do two men’s teams or two women’s teams. Please.
  • Think you’re done but haven’t submitted? You aren’t done!! Only when you officially submit your team do you become entered. If I see teams that are complete but not submitted in the last 24 hours, I will send emails to you reminding you to submit.
  • Not sure how to even make a team, e.g. who you’d want? Try out our Random Team Generator! We need a way to ID random teams to see how they do compared to the rest.
  • Once you are submitted and your friends are submitted, don’t forget to use the Private Sub League function! It’s a way to make a list of your friends’ teams on your page so you can track your internal competitions. Note — you can’t start a private sub league until you and the other people you want to include are all submitted, but you can also add or subtract teams to/from your sub league throughout the season, so there is no hurry.

OK carry on!