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The PodCafSt: MSR and Cobbles Season

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Here we go again... join the One Take Wonders for a discussion of what just happened — with riveting action from Italy, Belgium and Spain — and preview what’s coming next in the Cobbled Classics!

The PodCafSt welcomes its new intro music, contributed by NYC artist and producer Decktonic! Check out his stuff on SoundCloud as well. Thanks Decktonic!

OK, come on in...

Oh, and by the way, I mentioned an all-time heroes of the cobbles tournament we once did. It’s from 2013 and it’s called the Flandrien Faceoff. We broke out the “tournament” into four regions: older and newer Belgians, and older and newer foreigners. Here’s the Old Belgians regional to give you a flavor. Search “Flandrien Faceoff” and you’ll get the whole slew of articles. It was a labor of love.