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PodCafSt #7: To Flanders We Go!

Conor, Andrew and Chris wrap up the Ronde van Vlaanderen preview races and start focusing on the main event.

The PodCafSt #7: Flanders At Last!

The One-Take Wonders resort to multiple takes, overcome obstacles (such as a bit of audio breakup, apologies*), and at least one of us enjoys a very lovely beer.

*by “apologies” I of course mean “channeling rage toward Skype.” In case that wasn’t clear.

The PodCafSt is up on iTunes! Go there and search “podcafst,” like “podcast” with a typo. A very delicious typo. Anyway, it will get you there. I am still mastering the various media, so I’m not entirely sure how long it takes for iTunes to capture it from our feed, but hopefully the answer is something like “by the time you finish typing this sentence.” Or later. I’m a patient man.