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Anyone Want Podium Cafe Kits?

Just surveying interest at the moment

PdC Mondrian Jersey

Hey, remember ... uh, like three years ago when we did a kit order? Consider this your first step in the next order, and please help me out so I can set it up.

The basics:

  • This will be our Mondrian-inspired kit, designed by our very own Veloki. We typically have done a couple runs with each design so people who are interested get a chance to buy it. And I love this one too much to change right now.
  • Stuff comes from Voler. It’s high-quality, as people who bought last time can presumably attest. And costs are low for quality material. In my opinion. You can see lots of detail about the clothing from last time here. If it’s changed, it’s probably gotten nicer.
  • The big question is how much interest there is. If there is interest in a mere 15 or more pieces, we can set up an order where we have a wide variety of pieces available: different jersey and bib options, accessories like arm warmers and whatnot, etc. If there is interest in less than 15 total items, we can set up a page where you can order from a limited number of items (couple jerseys and shorts options) and they print them one at a time, sending directly to you. [In the US; people from Canada, Europe, Oz etc might have to have stuff sent to me and I’ll send to you.]

For now, I’d like to see how much interest there is. This includes people who know they’ll be interested as well as people who aren’t sure. The former will help us determine minimums; the latter lets me know that if we don’t make minimums we should still do the limited order-your-own setup. Thanks!


Want some Podium Cafe kit?

This poll is closed

  • 14%
    Definitely Yes and more than one item!
    (6 votes)
  • 14%
    Definitely yes, probably just one item
    (6 votes)
  • 63%
    Maybe! Legit interested but not sure.
    (26 votes)
  • 7%
    Meh/No/Never/I have terrible taste/I need more bike clothes like a hole in the head
    (3 votes)
41 votes total Vote Now

me in mondrian kit
Full kit. Obviously it stretches well.