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The Podium Cafe Kit Store Is Open!

Start ordering ASAP!

OK, by semi-popular demand and general awesomeness, the Podium Cafe Kit Store is officially open for business!


A few points to note as you browse...

  • Prices are set for a minimum of 25 items. I think you can expect that to be the final price, but if we get to 50 items, they will automatically drop all prices down a level and you will see an adjustment or refund to reflect what you bought. So shop til you drop!
  • Confused about the jersey choices? “Pro” is the finest material, although the “Peloton” version is a high-end alternative as well, and even the “Classic,” which I have one of, is quite suitable. The Classic doesn’t have newer innovations like the silicon bands on the sleeves, so there is a meaningful difference. Oh, and I chose the Pro as an option because it has a cool zipper pocket for people who are sick of losing their credit card or keys. Anyway, click on an option and you can read up on the specifics.
  • As for bottoms, Voler only allows one line, not multiple ones, so I chose the Pro line. Apologies for the extra cost, but first, I suspect the bib and shorts buyers will mostly be more attuned to the higher end stuff, and second, more importantly, the Pro line includes short-knickers and bib knickers, along with regular shorts and bibs, whereas the others do not. I really love my bib knickers.
  • Sizing: Note first that each option allows you to choose the men’s or women’s version (see? things do get better), and at least some if not all give you some options on the cut (super skinny vs, um, old guy style). As always, there is a size chart. This is more American sizing than, say, Italian.
  • More options: Youth stuff! Also MTB jerseys! And outerwear! The leg and arm warmers and gloves don’t really display, but they are black with the orange \o/ logo.
PdC Kit colors match virtually any style of beer!


It says so on the page, but the last day to order is January 28, 2019. After that the store will disappear, although they may allow us to print-on-demand the classic bib and jersey. Orders will ship to you around March 15, 2019. So you would receive them within a couple days in the US and maybe a week or so later in other countries.


This is the part that makes me especially happy. Unlike the old days of one person buying everything and sending it out, now you order through the site individually and they ship to you, with no involvement by me required. It’s really like ordering anything off the Internet now. Click, pay, and it eventually shows up at your door. Or send the gift of PdC clothing to another person. Nice and easy.

As I mentioned in the initial post (in comments), Voler now ships to all of the large anglo nations as well as western and some of eastern Europe. Not sure about Asia or Africa or South America but if you live there, give it a shot. If you try to order and it tells you shipping is not available to your country, email me and we can make arrangements for the stuff to come to me which I can forward to you.