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FSA Directeur Sportif Deadline Threat Level: Elevated

Get a move on, peeps

Is this your team? An empty vessel drifting to oblivion?
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How’s it going? Have you made your team and/or voodoo doll of Ursula yet?

I’d like to take this occasion to let you all know that Ursula is just one of three people on the Pricing Committee, the other two being me and Jens, so if you want to direct your anger properly at anyone over the unaffordability of your various favorite riders, Ursula’s home phone number is 541-287-9999.

FSA DS small

OK, so this is your reminder that the time is drawing near for you to submit your teams. As is always the case, I have to remind you TO HIT SUBMIT!! Just making your team, lovingly crafting it into a well-balanced system of points spent on just the right combination of riders, is not enough. Until you officially submit it, you aren’t playing yet. I can see that there are hundreds of unsubmitted teams, a good number of which are eligible to start. For most of them I am certain they are waiting til the deadline or poring over decisions as yet unmade on that last one-pointer who, with luck, might be the next big thing starting in 2018. That’s cool. But for a few of you I suspect there’s a misconception that you are done, when in fact you aren’t. So since I have young, irresponsible boys, I am taking on the task of nagging you to pick up your damn clothes get out of bed and eat breakfast take that last step and submit your team.

Deadline: Midnight CET Next Thursday Wednesday // 3pm Pacific Next Wednesday Tuesday

Burn this into your brain. I just made my kid take the city bus to school because he was procrastinating, again, so I am all for the let-them-fail lesson-teaching-moment technique. Submit your team before the deadline!


This week’s stage winners include Magnus Cort Nielsen, Wout Poels, Michal Kwiatkowski, Moreno Moser, Yousif Mizra, Bryan Coquard, Greg Van Avermaet, Thomas Boudat, and the Eritrean TTT squad. I urge all of you to overreact to these February results and hire these riders! It’s a proven path to success. They are winners, and nothing about this could possibly change.

If you hire them, this will be your team all year long:

Will this be your team this year, soaring across the sky?
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