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Week 3 Team of the Week

Yates attacks
Tim de Waele, Getty

Mainly stage racing this week. Didn’t it feel kinda desperate? In a good way for us fans. Well mainly in a good way.

Races of the week:

Paris-Nice, Tirereno-Adriaticco stages 1-5, Ronde van Drenthe

Team of the week:

First named rider is the rider of the week and if a rider has a number in parentheses after their name it means the number of times they have made the select Team of the Week here.

Marc Soler. Paris-Nice winner plus he snagged the young rider jersey too while doing what The Accountant couldn't quite do on the last stage. He’s 24 this year BTW.

Simon Yates. Yeah the wrong Yates, old guy at 25, lost on stage 8 but the couple of stages before then he looked real good.

Adam Yates. Yeah the wrong Yates, old guy at 25, rode a strong finish at TA stage 5.

Michal Kwiatkowski- Leading TA after stage 5; easy to see the 27 year old close out this race with the GC win.

Marcel Kittel. Finally got his first win for Katusha. It was coming, we saw that at Abu Dhabi, and he’s on track for a good year.

Dylan Groenewegen (2). Another dominant sprint win, this time at PN stage 2.

Mikel Landa. Winner, stage 4 of TA. Good week for Movistar, eh?

Rudy Molard. Stage 6 winner at PN. Better him than the stage 5 winner...

Frantisek Sisr. Ronde van Drenthe winner. Never heard of guy either. Turns 25 own the 17th. This is easily the biggest win of his career so happy birthday! He’ll reappear at the Handzame Classic at the end of the week.

Riders who have not been mentioned yet on the Team of the Week:

Every rider priced 30 points or more on FSA-DS except for Flower. We’re looking at you Peter Sagan, Chris Froome, Greg Van Avermaet, Tom Danielson, Vincenzo Nibali, Michael Matthews, Fernando Gaviria, and Nairo Quintana.

See what a nice guy I am? If I had priced them lower you would have picked one of them and where would you be now? Despondent and drunk in a gutter someplace. You’re welcome.

Team of the week:

Movistar. Kids (Solar, Carapaz, and Roson) looking good. Big name transfer (Landa) looking good. And Valverde and Quintana are rested and waiting for Catalunya where we’ll see Soler again too.

What circle of hell will they enter this week?

Gotta mention somewhere in PdC Sky’s week. Oy vey. Okay that’s enough of a mention as I already talked about Flower above.

FSA DS Team of the week

Super Stef Canada, ds Super Stef. A lot of teams did well this week but SSC here cleared 1000 points. They had Soler, both Izzys, Timmeh, and Lulu. And Fraile. And Tiesj. Take a bow Stef! You were SUPER!