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Stage 4: Hogeland - Winsum 142.9 km

This is the big day of the HAT . Hopefully the winds off the Waddenzee make for quite a race.

LIVESTREAM (from 13:00 CEST)

Dutch Style dominant of the Day: Kirsten Wild

You winsum, you lose some, but picking Kirsten Wild is always a good move. Except Boels keep dominating don't they

Stage 3a: Oldambt - Winschoten 66.2 km

Double stage day Friday. First up, four laps around the Oldambt Lake. Later at 15:00 CEST this afternoon the teams then tackle a team timetrial.

LIVESTREAM (from 10:00 CEST)

Dutch Style racer of the Day: Kirsten Wild

How often is it broken clocks are right again?

Stage 2: Westerkwartier - Grootegast 131.3 km

If you make your Y-axis 0-10m you can make a profile for your Dutch cyclingrace.

LIVESTREAM (from 13:00 CEST)

Dutch Style sprinter of the Day: Kirsten Wild

Ok, yesterday was not the day to pick Wild I see that now. But this is a ttally solid pick.

Stage 1: Herenveen 8 km Timetrial

Classic Dutch stagerace on the Women's calendar. Not WT for some reason, probably because they spent their budget on other stuff like providing high class organization and a live stream of the race.


Dutch Style TTer of the Day: Kirsten Wild

BoelsDolmans are bringing a nuclear arsenal to this race where the other teams are resting some stars and there are a lot of smaller teams and national teams. Expect them to dominate accordingly. Today though Wild may make their life hard on a short prologue-ish TT.

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