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Hammer Series LIVE

BMC TTT Bryn Lennon, Getty Images

Your thread for all that is the Hammer Series live.

So one thing to know here is that this race is al about the teams, not individuals. And the best teams have a strategy where for a couple of laps one rider is at the front of the race then another takes over for a few laps then another etc. Teamwork is the game here.

Friday: hammer climb where there’s a moderate hill.

Saturday: hammer sprint: no hill

Sunday hammer chase: A TTT where the teams go in two groups. The first group contains the seven teams with the lowest points while the second can guess. In each group the leading team goes first so the deal is can any of the teams catch each other?

The teams contain very different lineups than last week’s Hammer and so is the second Hammer race of the year. There is a third race, in Hong Kong in October. That one is just one day and I think is just a TTT that is based on the results of the first two Hammer weekends. MTS dominated last weekend so other teams have to up their game a bit with BMC and Sunweb the two most interested it seems. So...

Least stinky Limburger of the weekend: BMC. (Note: this is ursula’s prediction and no doubt is right.)

Where to watch? I like the You Tube but its also on facebook and elsewhere. Robbie McEwen is the color g