On the scene - Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal

It's becoming a tradition, I've been there almost every year, and once again it was a beautiful day perfect for race watching

Got there before the start, but it seems that the Jumbo guys didn't want to see me

Toms Skujins was there as well

Sep sightning!

Probably not enough cobbles here for him

End of lap 1

Course was slightly redesigned. A long boring part was replaced with a little more climbing (and a much more fun street to walk on). Good change.

Leaving Université de Montréal campus

Hugo Houle in the break had massive fan support all day

A rare Adam Hansen sighting in Montréal

The break

Guy Niv

Hey, look, it's Greg van Avermaet

Faster than the bus

If I did this, I would crash so badly

Going much, much faster than 40

Seeing dropped riders so close to the cars at 80kph is impressive

Summit of Mont Royal

Charles-Étienne Chrétien, 19 years old, looked good in the break all day and now I feel so old

The peloton starting another climb

Barhain staff enjoying himself

Feed zone action

110m to go, a very blurry Colbrelli leads and Matthews doesn't look like he'll make it (incredible how these guys are fast in a sprint)

But as we found out later, Matthews indeed made it, passing Colbrelli right before the line