OOOOOOOOHHHH! Look at the FSA-DS Calendar!

YES! The 2019 Mens FSA-DS race Calendar is up! Check it out! The Women's calendar will be up soon! This all means that in a month you can start making your teams on the website!

Before you get to team building (like you haven't already been over obsessing already) a couple of words about the race calendar:

  • As always not all the races are there. Some races just don't publish the date(s) they are racing till...sometime later. As the races become available we'll put them up.
  • On the flip side, some of the races on the calendar won't actually happen. Finances and all. BOOOOOOO.
  • And then some of the races will be in a different category than what we have them at on the calendar right now. Very very few races outside of the World Tour races know how many World Tour teams will be racing them this year so we just put up the category that they were in last year. Some of those categories will change-and probably we won't get wind of the final startlist until a week or even less before the race happens. So we may change the race category at the last minute.
  • We are trying out the Worlds mens U23 race this year. It's a cat 6 race as many of the racers won't be in our rider database. Let's see how it goes-maybe we will in future years make it a cat 5,4, or 2 race-or drop it entirely. Who are we to know the future?
  • We are also trying the newfangled Worlds Mixed TTT. Remember the trade team TTT is no longer. Instead we get this to try out for both Women and Mens VDS which basically is a 3 person national TTT in the Women's and mens FSA--DS calendars.This is how the UCI explains this race:

FIRST EVER MIXED TEAM TIME TRIALYorkshire will be making history by hosting the first ever Team Time Trial Mixed Relay with national teams consisting of three male riders and three female riders. The male riders will set off first and the women will replace them on the road as soon as the second male rider has crossed the finish line. Final timings will then be taken when the second female rider crosses the finish line and the fastest team will be declared the winner.

Okay. If you see any errors in the calendar let us know!