FSA DS Women's Draft League - Draft Post

Let's get this started!

Here's the draft order for round 1. Round 2 goes back in the opposite direction.

1 Larrick23
2 Kurt Stoebel
3 johnnysteeler
4 PvdV
5 shawnm4747
6 Aquatarkus
7 frans verbiage
9 yeehoo
10 civetta
11 Jens
12 Mjkittens
13 seemsez
14 vlady
15 th whistler

Here is the link to the SPREADSHEET. For purposes of the draft, the important tabs are the "Available Riders," "Draft Picks," and "Teams" tab. I'll try to keep on top of updating the available rider list as selections are made. Please make sure to rec the pick comments so they are easy to see if the available rider tab is not immediately updated.

If we haven't finished the draft by Saturday, we will go on the clock at 10 a.m. EST (4:00 p.m. CET). You'll have 5 minutes to make your pick. If you can't participate, you can send me a list of riders at shawn.mcdermott47[at]gmail.

Oh, and by popular demand (well at least 2 person's demand) we'll go 10 rounds.