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FSA DS Warning: DEADLINE DAY!! [Midnight CET; 3pm Pacific]!

Sign up by Saturday (2/23) to play our year-long game


Hey all, the deadline to sign up for the Men’s FSA Directeur Sportif 2019 is quickly approaching. Basically it’s about 86 hours from now, I think? (I know, “now” is a slippery concept in a blog post, but you get my drift.) To be more specific, you must SUBMIT your team by Midnight CET Sunday, Feb 24. That translates to:

  • 11pm Saturday in the UK, Iceland, and most of West Africa
  • 1am Sunday in Sweden, Eastern Europe, Israel, and maybe Egypt and Turkey?
  • 6pm Saturday in the US eastern time zone (NY, Boston, DC, Trexlertown)
  • 3pm Saturday in the US western time zone (Seattle, several cities who wish they were Seattle, and California)
  • And I am not entirely sure but for Australia/New Zealand, it’s the middle of next week sometime.

All of the above only applies to the Men’s game. You have an additional week to submit your women’s team, by March 2. Curious about how it all works? Go HERE for the full details.

Know how it works and just want to get going? Go HERE for the men’s game, and HERE for the women’s.

A few final reminders:

  • HIT SUBMIT!! Every year a few teams get assembled but are not submitted. That last step is key, your team isn’t entered until you do so.
  • Play the combined ranking! We will have prizes for the person who has the highest combined placement of his/her men’s and women’s teams.
  • Are you a fan of one gender’s cycling but not the other? You can still play both contests! Take advantage of our Random Team Generator function on the page where you start hiring riders. Heck, you can do that for both if you want. Also, the random team generator will fill up your roster, but you can make changes from there. I’ve done that with my women’s team, with good success, applying my superficial knowledge to the otherwise pretty reasonable recommendations made by the bot.
  • Again, this imminent deadline is just the dudes. And only for the main game. You could join a draft league anytime you want. Also you can create your own private competition where you list a number of other teams on your team page and pit yours against them — this option can be added or tinkered with all season long.

Got questions? Use the comments. I haven’t been around much the last week but will try to keep an eye out for issues now. Or look up our old Troubleshooters’ Guide. We will do whatever we can to help you join in. Because once the deadline passes, nobody can join til 2020.