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FSA DS Reminder: Women’s Teams Due Today!

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Deadline of Midnight CET today approaches...

Patrick Verhoest - 1st ascent of the mur de huy, 2014 Flèche Wallonne Patrick Verhoest

Surely you know the drill by now, right? Go finish up your women’s team!

Not everyone here is a fan of women’s cycling — it’s often less accessible in terms of video streams, and obviously a whole different cast of characters from the men’s side. But it’s tremendously entertaining, and the races are improving their access in fits and starts, suggestive of a better future where it’s on an equal footing for interested fans. So, if this is of even casual interest to you, let me give you two reasons to make a women’s team.

  1. It’s super easy. Don’t know any of the riders, or just a few? Use the random team generator function that is available on your “hire new riders” page. With one touch of a button you can get 15 riders selected, using your whole budget (and therefore likely a competitive team). You can even swap out riders from the selections, like if you have a couple favorites but otherwise don’t know enough, generate your team and swap in the riders you want to select for someone at the same price. Super easy.
  2. We have a prize for best combined performance. It’s based on your overall ranking in the men’s and women’s events. If you finish, say, 12th in one and 26th in the other, your combined ranking is a 38... which would probably end up on or near the podium. FSA prize to the winner!

OK, head on over and make your team. Also if you have a team pending, please wrap it up and hit submit to make it official. That’s midnight CET, or 11pm GMT, 6pm US Eastern. Go!