Emakumeen Bira LIVE


Stage 4: Oñati - Oñati 156 km

Longer and more mountainous than the other day, this is the big decider.

LIVE VIDEO: Sportpublic Youtube

Pancake Hat of the Day: Annemiek van Vleuten

Can't shake the feeling that she has a few % more than anyone when the course looks like this.

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Stage 3: Murgia - Santa Teodosia 98 km

Now it's getting even nastier. Final 3 km at 9% is going to make hurty.

Organizers say there may be less live images and delayed images instead due to poor signal issues in the area.

LIVE VIDEO: Sportpublic Youtube at 15:45 CEST

Pancake Hat of the Day: Annemiek van Vleuten

Mitchelton are obviously riding for Spratt but I wonder if AvV might not run away with it by default anyway?

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Stage 2: Aduna - Amasa 111 km

Things get progressively more difficult here. Stage two has a bit more climbing along the way and finishes with a 1 km uphill sprint at roughly 6%

LIVE VIDEO: Sportpublic Youtube at 16:00 CEST (Stage start at 15:00)


Pancake Hat of the Day: Soraya Paladin

She did well on a similar day in Burgos and things have been going her way for so long now she deserves a bit of jinx.

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Stage 1: Iurreta - Iurreta 101 km

Classic stagerace in the heart of the Basque Country, nowadays part of the Women's World Tour as well. Four stages, the two first a little too flat for this part of the world but the heat ramps up in the final two stages. Final stage on Saturday looks like a mountain day in the Basque Country should look. All four stages will have live video.

LIVE VIDEO: Sportpublic Youtube at 15:45 CEST

Pancake Hat of the Day: Jolien D'hoore

D'hoore impressed in the Durango warmup the other day and understandably the teams aren't stacked with sprinters for this one.

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