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Tour de France Open Thread: What are you looking forward to?

Tour de France Tram
Like this Tour de France tram, the race is coming rapidly into view.
Pierre Teyssot/Action Plus via Getty Images

So it’s prep week for The Biggest Race in Cycling™, a five-day Christmas Eve but instead of waiting for Santa Claus to pop down the chimney, we’re waiting for Christian Prudhomme to pop his head out the roof of a red Skoda. So it’s miles better. Anyway, your intrepid editors are working hard to come up with some incisive analysis so in the meantime, let’s all talk about what looks good this Tour. Personally, I’m a big fan of the upcoming GC battle for one main reason — there is no GC contender that we yet trust. Before last year, we had not had a Tour where we could realistically expect the leader to crack. Because the leader was Froome, and Froome didn’t do that sort of thing. Even last year, the prospect of Thomas cracking was not exactly exciting either: Froome was waiting in the wings. This year though? We have Bernal the Untested, Fuglsang the Inexplicable, Thomas the Crashprone and Yates the Wrong. This seems like our best chance in years of seeing the yellow jersey fall from grace on the mountain roads.

So what can you not wait for? Let’s all have a chat.