Transfer Window 2019/2020 - Tramp Stamps and Wahbi Khazris

Wot, no transfer talk? It's been a week since the window opened officially and there's been no post for them whether they be real, rumoured or required-but-won't-happen.

So, here we are.

There's a good list at Velopro - - and for the truly, madly geeky they also have a list of this year's stagiaires (trainees, apprentices, interns, whatever) - - the former is WT only, the latter h as PC teams as well. If you know of better or more accessible or more up-to-date/comprehensive then please share. Thanks.

If for no other reason than to help start to take my mind away from Poland on Monday, let me throw in a couple of hot takes:

We've-Known-This-Since-Adam-Was-A-Lad of the Week: Nibali to Trek. Talked about seemingly forever. Finally happened. Retirement Home for Ageing Has-Beens or The New Italian Renaissance? You decide.

Zombie-Undead-Oleg-Tinkoff of the Week: Riis is rumoured to be buying Katusha. I can't keep up with the politics of the Politburo these days - if Oleg's money ends up going to Igor via Bjarne does that mean everybody goes to the salt mines or everybody lives happily ever after?

Please-Release-Me-Let-Me-Go of the Week (Year, Last Year, and the Year Before, and the Year Before That ...): Mikel Landa to Bahrain. Pro: at last he gets to be the sole GT leader on a WT team. Con: that WT team is Bah-Meh. You tell me how it's gonna work out.

Sheila-Broflovski-What!-What!!-What!!! of the Week: Bert Van Lerberghe to DQS. Yes, that's Bert!Bert!!Bert!!! to step up to the Steppers. Ala must have cost an absolute frickin' fortune.

Hopefully we can keep this post going, on and off as things do or don't happen, through most of the rest of the season. Over to you guys - who looks good? And which moves look really, really, bleeuuuurgh?