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World Championships Open Thread

A corner of the cafe to talk Worlds.

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Pull yourself up a chair and grab a cup of tea, a pint of Landlord, or a steaming plate of bangers and mash with onion gravy, all inside a giant Yorkshire pudding. Bring your chat.

This is the space to talk about the Worlds. News and results are available in all the usual places, including the surprisingly good official website.

What’s on your mind?

Are we looking at a sprinters’ course? One for the breaks? Or is the final circuit tough enough for the puncheurs to go clear. I’ve had my say but you might feel differently.

Who are you excited to see ride? We haven’t got a Remco this year - that was a one-off - but what is catching your eye in the junior ranks?

Just how bad will the weather be? Doha this most certainly isn’t.

Oh, and mostly I’m just putting this page here so that the Boss will leave us alone on twitter, and on our slack page. If he doesn’t get less excited soon I think he’ll be sleeping on the floor outside MvdP’s hotel door.

A quick reminder of the schedule:

  • Monday is the men’s and women’s junior time trials
  • Tuesday is the U-23 men and women’s elite time trials
  • Wednesday is the men’s elite time trial
  • Thursday is the men’s junior road race
  • Friday is the women’s junior and men’s U-23 road race
  • Saturday is the women’s elite road race
  • Sunday is the men’s elite road race

As well as this thread, expect the usual live threads and previews of the big races in the coming days.

Excited? I should bloody ‘ope so.